Course Enrolment Process & Entrance Requirements

students nanny learningPersonal Qualities

As an early childhood educator and professional nanny you’ll have intelligence warmth and patience. You must be able to relate well with both children and their parents. You must be well spoken, dress well and have good manners. The work is physically demanding, and you’lll be on your feet all day. You need to be able to carry babies, lift older children and be involved in strenuous games. You must show you are mature and have ability to cope with the requirements of these courses. A well-rounded personality, a wide range of life experience and an ability to work with the demands of young children is essential.



All applicants are required to attend a personal interview if possible. A skype or phone interview will be OK if you live a very long way away. If selected, your place will be confirmed well before the start of the course.


Summary of Entry Requirements

All applicants must be physically able to perform the work usually required of an early childhood educator or professional nanny; must supply contact details for three referees and give permission to contact them and must provide evidence of experience with children. All applicants are interviewed by the principal (or delegated staff member) to be judged capable of undertaking training to the required standard. A history of successful study will assist your application.

All applicants are required to complete a signed declaration detailing any court convictions recorded against them. Enrolment is provisional until applicants 17+ have also satisfactorily completed the Police criminal history vetting process.

Extra requirements for entry to the New Zealand Certificate in Nanny Education

For the level 5 course school leavers must have a minimum of NCEA Level 2 or four years secondary education or equivalent and show potential to study at tertiary level. Mature applicants only need to give evidence of their potential to study at tertiary level.

All applicants must provide evidence of previous experience with children and involvement in a range of cultural, social, sporting or community services.

For the level 3 qualification we prefer you have NCEA level one but this is not always needed for mature applicants.

We welcome both female and male applicants!

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