NZ's Professional Nanny & Early Childhood Courses

A career caring for and educating babies and young children is really rewarding and fun. You make a real difference to each child’s life.

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"They come out of it knowing exactly what is going to be expected of them once they are in the role”

Lisa Nelson, Director Tinies Childcare

"We have employed a number of your graduates and been delighted with their training and skills”

Early Childhood Teacher/Supervisor

“I really enjoyed the course and am glad l did it. Best year of my life. Recommend to everyone. Made lots of lifelong friends"


Eight great reasons to study at the Ashton Warner Academy

  • Our graduates get great jobs. There’s big demand for well-trained professional nannies in Auckland and overseas
  • Graduate in just 36 weeks. Shorter than university so you start earning quickly & have smaller student loan
  • You get lots of practical experience with different families, early childhood centres and schools working with infants, toddlers, older children, and children with special needs.
  • Employers are particularly keen on our graduates because of the wide range of experience they get on with us.
  • You don’t need university entrance. Our level 5 course gives you credit towards the first year of university if you decide to qualify as an early childhood teacher later.
  • The Academy is a small specialist education provider. You’re not just a number and get lots of individual support
  • We have friendly families who offer economical boarding to students from all over New Zealand
  • The Academy started 30 years ago: a well respected quality institution rated category one by NZQA.

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