Student Work Practice (Placement)

We’re very keen to hear from parents who would like to host nanny students on student work practice (placement).

Our placement area includes the Hibiscus Coast, North Shore, all Rodney District as far north as Matakana, plus some parts of West Auckland – anywhere really that’s within 45 minutes drive of the Hibiscus Coas. 

Student work practice (placement or practicum) is designed to give the student experience of the childcare, education and home management tasks involved in nanny work, so they can develop these practical skills in a supportive, encouraging environment.

Placements occur between June and September, and last three weeks. Student nannies come every weekday and will look after your children and organize fun activities for them. They will also complete simple cooking and home management tasks for you while they are on placement, but they will also need a significant amount of support and guidance. You need to be at home with them during the day.

While we have a large number of mature students, a lot come straight from school. Because the students are not yet fully trained they can’t be left totally in sole charge of your children. Most families choose to let the student share their lunch. 

To qualify you need two or more children (including babies) at home most of the working week. (Students will accompany you to playgroups, playcentre etcYour student will visit you before any placement so you get to know each other, agree working hours, and judge your general compatibility before you commit!

The Academy makes safety checks on every student in terms of the Vulnerable Children’s Act on your behalf. In the light of these safety checks the Academy is satisfied that any student sent to you will be safe to work with children. If asked your family must agree to complete police conviction checks.   Students need to be supervised on placement at all times, and the Ashton Warner Nanny Academy takes no responsibility for the consequences of any actions or inactions of the student while on placement with you. We try to make sure that the student will meet your needs but our frist priority is always the educational needs of the student.


What the students will do

  • Find out from you what are the general rules and customs of your household, and establish how you require your children to be cared for
  • Help provide educational and fun activities for the children
  • Undertake household tasks that are associated with the children
  • Keep a daily written record of their work on placement
  • The student’s primary task is childcare, and household tasks associated with the children. They are not in the home to undertake household cleaning tasks.
  • The student must not be left in sole charge of children or babies during placement.


What the students need from you

  • Tell the student about your general approach to childrearing, and to discipline – students are not permitted to smack children
  • Tell the student about what works best for each child, and detail any special needs and interests
  • Give the student detailed instructions regarding the routine of each child and what you expect them to do each day
  • Give the student the opportunity to complete all the tasks detailed on their feedback checklist
  • Encourage and support the student and praise accomplishments (and let them know tactfully if they need to make changes)
  • Understand that the student is entering an environment with new demands. Be patient and talk through any problems that arise
  • Be available to complete the feedback form with the student and staff member when they visit half-way through the placement
  • Be prepared to be completely honest regarding areas where the student needs to improve. This can be emotionally challenging!
  • Assist if you can with simple assessment tasks set by the Academy and sign-off any tasks as required if appropriate
  • Provide a physically and emotionally safe environment for the student to practice, and advise the Academy of any safety incidents

Note: By clicking on the button below and submitting an application form for student placement you confirm you have read and fully understand the conditions of placement outlined above and you will comply with them to the best of your ability

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