Become a Nanny / Home Based Early Childhood Educator

Career Opportunities & Links to Further Education

Great Professional Nanny jobs in New Zealand & Worldwide and a shortcut to an Early Childhood Degree!

  • The Academy has been established nearly 30 years.

  • Our programmes are recognised and respected by employers both in NZ and Overseas

  • Last year about 9 out of 10 of our level 5 graduates got jobs with children or went on to university

  • Employers here and overseas very often contact us to employ our graduates

Ashton Warner’s  courses are your passport to many exciting jobs with children. Become a professional nanny and you can work worldwide, or start work as an educator in an Early Childhood Centre, and qualify as an Early Childhood Teacher.

You can travel as a professional nanny all over the world, including England, Australia and the USA. You can choose to work with babies, toddlers, older children or those with special needs. There are exciting jobs on offer in beach and ski resorts, childrens’ camps and on cruise ships. Others of our graduates use their qualification to start work as an educator in an early childhood centre.

Further Education: Link to ECE Degrees (Early Childhood Teacher)

Your diploma will prepare you to work both as a professional nanny and as an early childhood teacher. You don’t need to have achieved University Entrance to join our diploma programme, but when you graduate you gain credit for the whole first year of an early childhood degree through NZ Tertiary College, (You can also expect substantial credit towards the first year of an early childhood degree at AUT University) You need to be aged 20+ to start your ECE degree unless you have already achieved University Entrance

Our level three early childhood certificate programme gives you credits towards NCEA Level 3 and prepares you to start work as an assistant in an early childhood centre or in home based care (in 2022).  If you choose, you can go on to our diploma programme and degree level study later on.