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Quality Full-Time Professional Nanny & Early Childhood Education Courses

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NZ Diploma in Early Childhood Education (L5)

Full Time  Full-Year Course
*Fees free for most students in 1st year of tertiary study

NZ Certificate in Early Childhood Education (L3)

Full Time Half-Year Course

*Fees free for most students in 1st year of tertiary study

Career Prospects

There’s a big demand for Early Childhood Educators and professional nannies in New Zealand and Overseas. Last year about nine out of every ten of our graduates at level five got jobs with early childhood centres and families, or went on to further study at university.

Employers tell us they much prefer our graduates because of the wide range of experience they get with different families and early childhood centres.

Our courses lead to many exciting jobs with children. When you graduate with your diploma you can work as a professional nanny in New Zealand or as an educator in an early childhood centre. You learn to work with babies, older children, twins, and young children who have special needs. 

If you choose to travel, there are good jobs all over the world, including England, Australia and the USA. There’s work in beach and ski resorts, childrens’ holiday camps  and on cruise ships.  

You can use your qualification to start work as an educator in an early childhood centre and continue to study while employed if you want to. Your level 5 Diploma gives you credit for the first year of a teaching degree at NZ Tertiary College.  Degree-qualified early childhood teachers are in huge demand as more and more new early childhood centres are opening everywhere.

Professional nannies earn between $720 and $1000 a  week in New Zealand and pay overseas is much higher.

If you prefer to work in an early childhood centre there is a shortage of trained early childhood teachers so your future career prospects are bright.

The Academy is recognised both in New Zealand and overseas. We have really strong long-established links with employers and so can make sure you get the right job when you graduate. We continue to support you even after the course is finished.

All the Academy’s courses prepare you for a well-paid  career with children.

Tertiary education fees free

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